Wear-Resistant Products | Plasma Spray Powders

Our team at JAS Energy is determined to provide our clients with quality and consistent solutions, which is why all of our powders and wires go through in-depth testing processes. If you are having challenging wear problems, you can turn to JAS Energy for creative solutions, whether you are in the mining, energy, defense, or agriculture industry. You can depend on our team to analyze and solve complicated wear problems. We offer a variety of products including PTA powder, flame spray powder, twin wire arc alloys, plasma spray powders, and more.

With the latest technology and material science engineers, we are able to create the most advanced chemistries to solve all wear related issues, minor and major. Our team is committed to resolving wear problems in your industry with our wear-resistant products.

Contact our team right away to learn more about our wear-resistant products and how we can assist your industry.

Our Products

  • PTA Powders (Plasma Transfer Arc)
  • HVOF Powders (High Velocity Oxygen and Fuel)
  • Flame Spray Powders
  • Plasma Spray Powders
  • Twin Wire Arc Alloys

From the start to the end of manufacturing process, our powders and wires pass through a rigorous Q.A. process before shipping to our clients.

QUALITY and CONSISTANCY always come first.