Degradables Including Dissolvable Frac Balls


Here at JAS Energy, we offer a diverse selection of degradable products including frac balls, tubulars, billets, coated balls, and more. Various industries including military, mining, agriculture, and energy look to us for these specialized products. By utilizing the latest APT powder manufacturing and consolidation techniques, we can design Degrading-Layered-Metals that can withstand pressures up to and over 60,000 psi.

Our Degrad-A-Ball™ frac ball is the original dissolving ball for downhole use. Dissolvable frac balls have been successful in shale formations where fracturing pressures are low. We are dedicated to providing our customers with numerous chemistries for various conditions, so we continue to work on new developments. Our team will work to find a solution and temperature that is right for maintaining the ball strength for your specific needs. We also have a selection of atomized powders to assist with wear problems.

For additional information about our degradable products or how we can assist you, contact us today. 

Our Products:

  • Frac Balls
  • Coated Balls
  • Seats
  • Billets
  • Tubulars
  • Custom Applications

Frac Ball Selection is a Function of:

  • Survival Time Downhole
  • Operating Temperature
  • Operating Pressure
  • Solution Composition (HCL, KCL, Brine or Salt Water)
  • Ball Sizing
  • Seat Sizing
  • Differences Between Ball & Seat

Currently, there are over 50 types of Degrade-A-Ball chemistries as one ball type does not meet all requirements. Generally, we recommend starting with a middle of the road chemistry and since corrosion rate can vary by solution and temperature, we will adjust chemistry to degrade up to 1000x faster or 50x slower than the competition while maintaining ball strength from 10 to 60KSI.