Plasma Spray & HVOF Coating Services

Our coating facilities are cutting edge and utilize the World’s best Robotic Thermal Spray and Cladding Systems. We believe in applying the highest quality of coating, so we operate under AS 9100 Standards.

Services Offered

Plasma Spray

By using heat transfer from a high-KW electric arc with a plasma-forming gas that is directed through flow-enhancing nozzles, we are able to achieve plasma spray. When heated to nominal temperature of 10,000°F, ceramic or metallic powder is injected into the exit plume. It is then plasticized in the hot gas and propelled at a high velocity to the part surface.

HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel)

Using an oxygen-fuel mixture, we can achieve HVOF spray. The coating material is fed axially through the gun using nitrogen as a carrier gas. Next, the fuel gas encounters oxygen in a proprietary siphon system in the front part of the gun. After that, the gases are ejected from the nozzle and ignited externally. These ignited gases form a circular flame configuration that surrounds the powdered spray material as it exits the gun and is forced to the surface.

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PTA (Plasma Transfer Arc)

PTA is a method of depositing superior quality powders with low dilution creating a metallurgically fused deposit on a metal surface. Ductile alloys, hard alloys, and tungsten carbide blended powders can be deposited on a variety of substrates to achieve diverse properties such as mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance. Many times these coatings are equal or superior to laser cladding.

Arc Spray (Twin Wire Arc Spray)

Arc spray is a process that uses an electric arc to liquefy alloyed wires. The molten metal is then atomized with compressed air to create a spray stream that applies the coating onto a substrate. Popular uses for these coatings are boilers, diesel engines, and pipe resurfacing.

Flame Spray (Spray Fuse)

Flame Spray is a method of using an oxygen and acetylene torch that has a hopper that gravity feeds powder into the flame of the torch. The powder is brought to a plastic like phase and is projected onto a substrate where a mechanical bond occurs. The coating can be left as is or with a Spray Fuse coating secondary heat is applied to metallurgically bond the coating to the substrate.