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Since 2012, JAS Energy has focused on expanding the capabilities of atomized powders to provide wear solutions to a variety of industries including agriculture, military, mining, and energy. With cutting-edge technology and the capacity to manufacture wear-resistant products such as PTA powder, plasma spray powder, and HVOF powder, you can rely on us to solve problematic wear related issues in the field.  Here at JAS Energy, we are also known for our degradable products including frac balls, tubulars, billets, coated balls, and seats. Over the past couple of years, we have invested in our technology to ensure superior quality and increase customer satisfaction across the board. Contact us today to learn more about our degradable products and coating services. 

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Material Science Solutions for our World’s Energy Needs.

Recent Ventures

In 2014 JAS ENERGY Group sought to acquire certain manufacturing companies in order to complement its lines and to manufacture special alloys for Laser, PTA, MIG, Spin Casting, and Thermal Spray. Today we have facilities in California, Texas, and Florida.


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